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Trees are poems that earth writes upon the sky,
We fell them down and turn them into paper,
That we may record our emptiness.
~Kahlil Gibran

In our effort to maintain rich bio-diversity and also strive for self sustenance plant life at our farm has been deliberately planned to be as varied as possible.  Large part of 8 acres (appx. 6 acres) is planted with trees of various species. We feel rich mix of trees are essential for sustainable farming. Planting of different trees was also our first step towards creating a bio-diverse environment.

We have a mix of trees that can generate income over the long run (eg. Coconut, Mango, Sapota), timber variety (Teak, Silver Oak, Acacia, Rosewood), to attract birds (Nerle, Banyan, Peepal, Indian Fig) and some just because they either sounded new or felt we were seeing less of them elsewhere. We now have about 2500+ saplings covering about 100+ species. More details about trees at Vanashree here.

Grass, to us, is an integral part of our eco-system. This is not just fodder for our cattle, it also  prevents erosion but most importantly sustains numerous insects, birds and animals. Though most of the cereals also come under grass category we have deliberately avoided discussing them in this page.

Our vegetable patch is more like a large kitchen garden, as we are not trying to grow them for commercial purposes. Most vegetables are grown in a patch of about 2500 sft. There are times when we end up having just 1 or 2 vegetables for the entire week but we compensate variety with quantity during those times but we are certainly happy about eating what is grown by us.

Rice, Wheat, Ragi and Maize  along with various pulses form critical part of cereal cultivation. Though pulses strictly don't belong in cereals class...since cultivation of cereals and pulses are inter twined. Rice, Wheat, Ragi and Maize are 4-5 month crop depending upon the variety chosen.  Ragi has always been intercropped with various pulses. Going forward we have decided to experiment intercropping even rice, wheat and maize with pulses. Pulses are one of best and most effective natural nitrogen fixers. They being neighbours to rice, wheat and maize are likely to aid in supplying of nitrogen.

Any plant you come across have flowers.... some with vibrant colours and very attractive. Some with not so attractive but still serving the same purpose as the attractive ones. Whether wild ones or cultivated, attractive or not so.... they seem to tell us loud and clear that they are all same.