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There has been a lot of interest shown to visit  farms. We welcome those who love nature, are environmentally conscious, keen to learn/experience  life at farm. Our farm is open to visitors only on weekends.



Farm Experience Tour & Activities at the farm 

  •  Learn & Experience the low cost, eco-sustainable organic & natural farming methods (eg. sowing methods, vermicomposting, mulching, intercropping, various composts/manure, pest control,  etc)
  •  Bird watching (please get your own binoculars). The place around is rich in various bird species.
  •  Identification of trees, plants and their uses
  •  Know about Bio-diversity and its importance
  •  Understand  options available for alternative energy resources and harnessing them
  •  Learn various water conservation techniques
  •  Interaction with farm animals
  •  If interested and possible, one can also participate in routine & seasonal farming activities

Farm experience tour will last approximately 2-3 hours depending upon your interest level and we would like to schedule this at  the morning.


Visitors fees of Rs.250  will be charged per person.

Few things to note 

  •  This is not a resort.
  •  Since this is a working farm, at times we may not be able to spend quality time with everybody.
  •  Usually your visit lasts for about 3-5 hrs so request all of you to bring lunch/food.
  •  Smoking and drinking is strictly prohibited
  •  Please wear appropriate footwear (comfortable sandals or shoes and avoid high heeled footwear) and bring a hat
  •  Get an additional set of clothes for small children, in case they decide to play in the water or slush.
  •  We expect you to carry back all your non-biodegradable items 
  •  Please let us know in advance (at least a week) about your visit and number of people.
  •  You can get in touch with us at 

- Vanashree team