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Our Journey | Srikanth, Priti, Sriram | Shanmukha, Jaya, Manoj

The Team

Shanmukha, Manoj, Jaya, Priti, Sriram & Srikanth (2013)

I am an electronics engineer by profession and a farmer at heart. Been in IT world for last 23 years after completing college graduation.  Apart from being a wildlife enthusiast, interested in travel and reading.

Priti has a doctorate (PhD) in the field of Neurophysiology. Her interests apart from exploring simple living, include travel and painting.

Sriram is now 12 years old , the "why" man of the tribe.....with lots of interest in snakes and frogs! He wants to be a naturalist!

Shanmukha and Jaya handle bulk of the responsibilities of taking care of the farm with Priti and I contributing as much as possible on the farm during the weekends. Sriram and Manoj also pitch in especially when planting and harvesting is involved.



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