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  • Wild Flowers are plenty in our farm since we mostly follow natural methods of cultivation. The number of flowers tends to reduce in the dry, Summer months with a splurt in their growth after the rains. We haven't identified most of it but among the ones that are familiar are touch me not, Leucas, ....Many of these are easily identified based on the book 'Common Indian wildflowers' by Kehimwal, published by Bombay Natural history society. It's full of photos of the wildflowers and makes identification very simple. Detailed list of wild flowers at Vanashree is yet to be updated.


  • Flowering plants- Among the ones that we have added are Nerium, Almonda, Hibiscus, Jasmine, Cosmos, Marigold, Nandibatlu, Kanakambara, Roses. Some of them such as Nerium, Hibiscus and roses are thriving well. They don't need too much tending though, other than occasionally watering them. Several plants are still in the wish list and need to be added. These include some of the plants that were very common weeds.

        For some of the pictures of the flowers at Vanashree visit our photo gallery.