Farm Yard Manure

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Farm yard Manure is prepared basically using cow dung, cow urine, waste straw and other dairy wastes. It is highly useful and some of its properties are given below:

  • FYM is rich in nutrients
  • A small portion of N is directly available to the plants while a larger portion is made available as and when the FYM decomposes
  • When cow dung and urine are mixed, a balanced nutrition is made available to the plants
  • Availability of Potassium and Phosphorus from FYM is similar to that from inorganic sources
  • Application of FYM improves soil fertility.

Nutritional status of FYM (%)

Nitrogen 0.5000
Phosphorus 0.2500
Potassium 0.4000
Calcium 0.0800
Sulfur 0.0200
Zinc 0.0040
Copper 0.0003
Manganese 0.0070
Iron 0.4500

Our method - Cow dung which we get in abundance (10 cows...) is collected after cleaning cowshed in a pit close by and is allowed to decompose over a period of time. Every month this manure (compost) is applied to the plants or the field to enrich the soil.

Since we use almost the entire cow dung for Gobar gas plant, the slurry that comes out after gas generation is highly composted and extremely rich.